Sunday, March 31, 2013

Training Weeks with YTD #'s - 3/11 - 3/31

3/12/13 - Ran my usual 6 mile loop in 44 minutes today (legs were still heavy from the race on Sat)and 1.5 mile cooldown. 
3/13/13 - Ran a 10 mile loop around the neighborhood that included some greenway.
3/15/13 - did 7.6 miles of track work.  I've been trying to get back to trackwork.  My speed has diminished over the last year and do feel better/stronger when I do speed work.  I follow the Run Less, Run Faster track workouts.  Today's workout was 3x1600 and then 2x800m.  I did the mile repeats and quit; 6:16, 6;16, and 6:10 with a 2 min RI in between.
In the afternoon Gina and I did some cleanup at Montvale Park for our upcoming race; 7.5 miles on the mtn bike.
3/16/13 - Did a 28 mile road bike ride to Green Hill Park, Harborwood and then back.  This was a windy ride.
3/17/13 - Did an 18.4 mile run at the cove.  Road to Buck, up to the Brushy Mtn Fire Road and to 4 Gorge Ext, and then the lower loow CCW. 
Total for the Week:  43.5 miles running, 7.5 on the mtn bike, and 28 miles on the road bike.

3/19/13 - Ran the usual 6 mile loop in 44:43 and did a 1.5 mile cooldown.
3/20/13 - 8.2 miles running at the cove.  4 Gorge, Ext, Tuck a way, Songbird, and out on the road.
3/22/13 - Track workout - 3x(2x1200 with a 2 min RI) 4 min RI between sets - 4:36, 4:36, 4:43, 4:41, 4:47, and 4:49.  This was a very windy day and did nothing for my times. 
Then went and did 12 miles mtn biking and course marking at Montvale
3/23/13 - 7 miles mtn biking at Montvale for course cleanup.
3/24/13 - Wanted to get in 18 or so today but with the snow I only mustered up 10 before I was too cold and wet to continue.
Total for the Week:  35.7 mile running and 19 miles on the mtn bike.

3/26/13 - Ran the 6 mile loop in 41:39 and did a 1.5 mile cooldown.
3/27/13 - Ran the Gauntlet and Trough Loop.  Felt like hitting it hard today and went for a time trial on horse pen and Gauntlet hitting the top in 30:50.  I don't really have a reference for time on this.  before the top was rerouted I would run it for a time trail quite a bit.  This trail hurts and the quads and lungs were burning pretty good toward the end.
3/29/13 - 18.15 miles of trail running.  James and I went to Hollins and did the unnamed trail to the top of Tinker, ran the AT to the top of Tinker Cliffs, backtracked to Sawmill Branch, left on Arrowhead, and then ran Happy Valley back to the boat docks.  We were toast at the end of this one.  We did get into some snow from Scortched Earth Gap to Tinker Cliffs.
3/30/13 - 30 miles or cycling.  Home to Starlight, BRP to Vinton and then back using the Tinker Creek Greenway to the STP and then on main roads.
3/31/13 - Ran 11 miles on what I call the Lewis Gale loop.  Just under an 8 minute pace on tired legs.
Total for the Week:  44:15 miles running and 30 miles on the road bike.
Monthly Total:  166.61 running, 56.7 mtn biking, 102.5 road biking.
YTD:  470.61 running, 128.15 mtn biking, and 151.7 road biking.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Training Weeks 2/18-3/10

2/19/13 - Ran my usual 6 mile loop with a .5 mile cooldown.  Ran the loop in 44m
2/20/13 - Ran at the cove; Hi Dee Ho, Brushy mtn fireroad, and 4 gorge.  Did a little extra for 8.25 miles.
2/22/13 - Ran around the Grandin area for 5.5 miles.
2/23/13 - Ran a loop I've wanted to do for awhile and mentally wanted to get away and do something I've never done.  I met up with Jason Captain at the Store at the Peaks of Otter.  We ran the BRP to the trailhead for Falling Water Cascades, then ran Flat Top, made it back to the car, continued on Harkening Hill, and then finished with a climb up the trail to Sharp Top and then back on the Road.  It ended up being 17 miles so we headed out for another 4 miles on the BRP for 21 total.  We got into some snow and ice on each of the peaks.
2/24/13 - Raced the 4th mtn cross event at Falling Creek Park.  Did 6 laps and 11.5 miles.  Missed being able to do a 7th lap by 20 seconds.  These races are fast with very little time to breathe.  It's a constant heart rate spike but good training.
Total for the week; 41.15 miles running and 11.5 mtn biking

2/26/13 - ran my usual 6 mile loop in 44m53s and did a 1.5 mile cooldown.  Legs were heavy from the weekends activity.
2/27/13 - Ran Hi Dee Ho, the fire road to Buck and then the road back to the parking lot for 6.75.
3/1/13 - Rode the Explore Your Limits course to mark it - 6.2
3/2/13 - EYL race.  Didn't do any activity today.  We just crashed from the race. 
3/3/13 - Ran 11.15 miles around Grandin and in Fishburn Park and then later rode 29 miles; up to the parkway, to Vinton and them back.
Total for the week; 25.41 miles running, 6.2 mtn biking, and 29 cycling

3/5/13 - Ran the usual 6 mile loop in 42 min and then did a 1.5 mile cooldown.
3/6/13 - Ran 10 miles in the Grandin area and on the greenway.
3/8/13 - Did a pre mtn bike race loop in Fishburn Park - 6.5 miles
3/9/13 - Raced the Doubleshot in Moore's Spings NC.  This is a two loop 13 mile mtn bike followed by a 13.33 mile road bike ride finishing with a 3k climb up Hanging Rock State Park.  Gina and I rode a little extra on the mtn bike and some to get back to the car.  17.5 mtn biking and 15.5 on the road bike.
3/10/13 - 14.6 miles around Grandin, Fishburn Park, and greenway.
Total for the week; 32.1 miles running, 24 miles on the mtn bike, and 15.5 cycling

I don't usually race this frequently but so far there have been 5 races this year;
One 50k, one 40miler, two mtn cross events, and then the mtn and road bike doubleshot this weekend.  And today, my legs are toast. 

I like to get in 40 miles a week running but the biking forces me off my feet which I think helps decrease injury, helps keep me from getting "runners burnout," and gets in some well needed cross training.  We'll see how it pays off in the next few months.