Saturday, October 18, 2014

Training Week 10/6/14

10/7/14 - 6 mile loop and 1.65 mile cool down.  Felt pretty good this morning.  HR was a bit more under control. 
Ran later in the day, 4 miles in Five Fingers.
10/8/14 - Ran 7.4 at the cove.  4 gorge, tuck a way, comet and out. 
10/10/14 - Ran 15.1 miles on the Lewis Gale Loop. 
10/11/14 - Did a 26.6 mile section of the AT from Route 42 to Dragon's Tooth.  This section was really rocky and due to the recent rain, most of the rocks were extremely slippery. 
10/12/14 - Did 40 minutes on the stepmill and then a cooldown.
Total for the week: 65.4miles on my feet.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Training Week 9/29/14

9/30/14 - Ran the usual 6 mile loop and 1.5 mile cool down at HR.  This was a slow one due to a high HR.
     Later in the evening I ran 4.3 in Five Fingers through Fishburn Park and then did a 6:44 mile on the track at HR (which felt pretty good). 
10/1/14 - Ran 9.5 in Grandin Court and the Greenway.  Ran at HR and was able to pull a 7:36 pace.
10/3/14 - Did a N. Mtn Traverse.  According to my mapping software the N. end of the trail crosses Stone Coal Road and officially ends at the Junction of the Ferrier Trail and the Price Mtn Trail.  So I headed up the mtn to get to what I thought was the official end to start my N - S traverse.  N. Mtn is one of the most technical trails around, feels very secluded and has a lot of up and down.  I did the traverse in 2:46 keeping my HR below 146.  It was a great foggy fall day on the mtn.  The traverse was 13.85 and I got in a total of 16. 
10/4/14 - Ran 6.1 around the hood.
10/5/14 - Ran 10.25 with Walker around Avenham, CRL (Fern Park Trail, CRL, Nature trail and back) at 142 HR. 
Total for the week; 53.55 miles of running

It was a good week of training.  I think next week will have a good weekend for two long runs back to back and hopefully mileage in the 65+ range.  Following that we'll have the GoFest and then the ITD race that will take up some of the weekend time. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Training Week 9/22/14

     It was nice getting my mileage up over 50 for the week.  I didn't really have a goal in mind other than running at HR and getting in the, nice and easy 20+ miler.  The plan is to stick with the HR running until I start to see the power come back to my legs.  I need to get in a MAF test to see where I'm at and to create an updated baseline. 
Once these things come in line I plan to start doing some longer back to back days.
9/23/14 - Did the 6 mile loop at HR and 1.5 mile cool down.  Felt pretty good this morning but I'd still say my HR is going much higher than it should up hills.
     Later in the evening we went to the gym and did the stepmill. I did this quite a bit leading up to the Promise Land 50k and after didn't get back to stay consistent. I like the stepmill. I think it has the most effort/min of any piece of equipment at the gym. In addition, I would use this as a mini MAF test to see how my training is going. The goal of the workout is to work up to a HR of 142 and then stay at that HR for 30 minutes. I got up to level 16 for 1 minute and did a total of 2784 steps, which ended up being close to where I left off 5 months ago. I was happy with that.
9/24/14 - Ran 7.65 at the cove going up Hi Dee Ho, down Brushy Mtn, and then back on 4 gorge.  I tried to reel in my HR up HDH, which was tough, and then ran down BM at HR hitting a 6:18 and 6:28 mile. 
9/26/14 - Ran a MAF test doing a warmup through Fishburn Park and then to the track for 5 miles at HR; 7:32, 7:30, 7:31, 7:28, 7:22 and then a cooldown. 
9/27/14 - Went up to do the 3 Ridges and the Priest.  This ended up being some tough elevation and technical trail that ended up with 22.5 miles and 7650ft of elevation gain.  We parked at the parking lot where the AT crosses the Tye River and did the 14 mile 4200ft of climbing loop consisting of the 3 ridges and then the Mau-Har Trail. 
     We then restocked our supplies for the 4.5 mile climb up to the priest.  This was a constant steady uphill climb to the top.  It did get steeper in the last mile (shortly after the overlook with 1.25 miles to go).  We hung out at the top, catching the cool breeze and full sun before heading back down to the car.
9/28/14 - Ran 5.3 miles around the hood.
Total for the week; 56.55 miles running