Monday, October 28, 2013

What's the Plan?

Well, Gina and I aren't sure what races we plan to enter in 2014.  I think we are going to enter the lottery of a few races and see where the cards fall. 
2/1/14 - Uwharrie Mtn Run 40 miler - This would be my 3rd trip.
4/26/14 - Promise Land 50k - Maybe this is the year to come back and push for under 5:30
May 2014 - A 2nd attempt at the Smokey Mtn Traverse.  2 days and 72+ miles
June or July - Plan to do a Western 50 miler at altitude
Recovery time
Possibly train for a sub 12 hour Hellgate

As of now I plan to train for a January or February Ultra.
Race Less (Ultras)
Recover better
Do speed work

Training Week 10/28/13

Well it's been awhile (I don't like to update this blog when I'm not running with a purpose.  Let's play catch-up.
Week of 9/30/13
I started working on getting my hip/piriformis back in shape. 
Set sights on the Frosty Foot 50k in the middle of January 16 weeks from now.  Let's start a plan and trackworkouts. 
10/1/13 - Ran the 6 mile loop with a 1.5 mile cooldown
10/2/13 - Ran at the cove Songbird, tuckaway, 4 gorge and added some road at the end to get 9 miles.
10/4/13 - Track workout - 2x(6x400m with 1:30RI) with 2:30 RI.  I did a 2.5 mile warm-up and mile cool down for a 8.75 mile workout.
10/6/13 - Ran 9.5 at Montvale Park.
34.75 miles or running

Week of 10/7/13
10/8/13 - 6 mile loop with 1.5 mile cool down
10/9/13 - 7.75 miles running at the cove.  Hi Dee Ho, The Drop, Lower Comet and out on the road.
10/11/13 - Track workout - 1x1600 with 400RI, 2x1600 with 800RI, 2x800 with 400RI
10/11/13 - 4 miles cleaning up the Into the Darkness course.  In a not so humorous or glamorous fall I came close to breaking some ribs (maybe I did get one).
No coughing or sneezing for me.  I'm out of business until Tues.
28.35 miles of running

Week of 10/14/13
Ribs still hurt pretty bad.
10/15/13 - Ran the 6+ mile loop today for 6.5.  Can't breathe totally relaxed. 
10/16/13 - 9 miles running around grandin court and the greenway.  Ribs felt better tonight.
10/18/13 - Ran 9.5 around Grandin Court at a 7:15 pace.
10/18/13 - 4 miles cleaning up the ITD course
10/19/13 - 4 Miles cleaning up the ITD course
10/20/13 - Ran 7.15 road miles and then did a 4 mile Five Finger Loop.
Ran 43.8 miles.

Week of 10/21/13
10/22/13 - Ran the 6 mile loop and 1.5 mile cool down.
10/23/13 - Ran 7 miles around Grandin Court
10/25/13 - 3x{Trackwork 2x1200(2mRI)} 4m RI between sets
10/27/13 - 14.3 miles running the Hollins AT loop.
39.3 mile running