Saturday, January 24, 2015

2014 Summary

Not a bad year overall.  Started the year with a pretty serious low back issue that started 12/13' clearing trail for the Frozen Toe, then reinjured, falling on ice near Mt. Mitchell, and again in early March.  This kept me from racing until April, which I think was a good thing. 
I fully committed to the Maffetone method of training in June and have been trying to follow it to a T ever since (more about this later).  Other than two races after June, I have run at HR or below 95% of the time.  It wasn't until a recent race up Sharp Top at the end of a 18 mile day that I got to test things out.  I was happy with the result.

2014 Summary
2317 miles of running - the most miles in a year for me.
420 miles biking - very low
238 most miles in a month - November
4 months running 200+ miles
287,000 feet of climbing while running.

Promise Land 50k - 5:31.53
Highland Sky 40m - 7:32.01
Smokey Mtn Traverse - 80 miles in two days
Tahoe Rim 50m - 9:57.16 - 9th place
Iron Mtn 30m - 4:45.56 - 2nd place

2015 - The Start and Well Laid Plans (So I Thought).

     Since June I had worked up the courage and developed a plan to run the Leadville 100.  I've called this my mid life crisis race.  In 6 months the plan has grown to 4 people entering the lottery, up to 4 additional people travelling in support, and 2 pacers.  Unfortunately 2015 is the first year the race went to a lottery system.  Registration was open from 12/1/14 to 12/31/14 and a vague lottery drawing date of "mid January." 
     Last week on 1/15/15, "mid January", we found out we didn't make it into the race. 
     So what is the plan now?   Over the last week I've come up with a few options, but most of them hinge on the success or failure of getting into anther race we've registered for that went to a lottery for the first time in 2015, the San Juan Solstice 50 miler in Lake City, CO -   We ran this race in 2013.  It was a fantastic race with tremendous scenery.  I was able to finish and Gina was pulled at mile 31.  She wants to go back and run smarter so that she can conquer this event.  We should know by tomorrow at 10pm. 
We are in!  We are headed out at the end of June to give this another go and to play in the big mtns of CO.  I always enjoy our CO trips. 
What now?  What's the 2015 plan?
What I do know is that I want to continue training to build a base to do a late fall 100. 
I have already committed to the Lynchburg Ultra Series (LUS). 
I first did this series in 2003, along with Hellgate, the Horton Slam (something you can't get at Denny's).
I've contemplated the Beast Series but haven't decided.
I will continue to train at heart rate (HR) in an effort to build aerobic capacity, ward off over training, and too stay healthy in an activity that can be unhealthy.