Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Training Week of 3/21/11

Last week of training before a Duo race at Wilmington NC 6 Hours of Warrior Creek.
3/22/11 - 6.75 mile run in the morning. Did 3 intervals of 1/3 to 1/2 mile.
3/22/11 - 19.5 mile road bike to Green Hill Park and back - Moderate pace.
3/23/11 - 8 mile trail run at the Cove
3/25/11 - Mtn biked the Conquer the Cove Marathon race course - 26miles
3/26/11 - Timed a race in Ferrum and then went and ran on some new trails at I.C. Dehart Park in Woolwine, right off of route 40.
3/27/11 - Ran 9.9 trail miles. Parked at Star Trailhead and did Woodthrush, Chestnut Ridge Loop, and then back on Woodthrush. Actually ran the nature trail for the first time on the CRL. Nice climb and descent and the trail may have added a couple tenths.
29.4 miles running, 26 mtn biking, and 19.5 miles road biking.

Training Week of 3/14/11

This is another race week so I'm not sure what I'll fit in.
3/14/11 - Ran 2 miles in my Five Fingers on the treadmill.
3/15/11 - 6.75 mile loop in the morning.
3/16/11 - 8 miles at the Cove - 4 Gorge, road to back of songbird, and then the asphalt back to the parking lot.
3/18/11 - 5 miles of running and 10 miles of mtn biking at Montvale checking and marking the course.
3/19/11 - 6 miles of running the trails at Montvale cleaning up the course and then 6 miles of Mtn biking at Fishburn Park later in the evening.
3/20/11 - 22 mile road bike ride at a high intensity. Road from home down Grandin ext. Sugarloaf Mtn. to Roselawn. Merriman to Starlight, BRP to Mill Mtn, and back via Colonial and Brambleton.
27.75 miles of running, 16 mtb, and 22 road bike riding.

Training Week of 3/7/11

Since I have a 6 hour mtb race on 4/2 I have to spend more time on the bike.
3/8/11 - 6.5 mile road loop at moderate pace (8:00min/mile).
20 miles on the road bike at night, biked at a high intensity.
3/9/11 - 6.2 miles at the Cove. Ran the Gauntlet very hard, fireroad to Trough, and down the Trough. Rainy and foggy. Visibility was 10-15ft along the ridge.
3/11/11 - Spent the morning cleaning up the Montvale trails on foot and then mtb 6.4 miles at Fishburn Park in the evening.
3/12/11 - Took a US Forestry sawyer recertification class in the morning and early afternoon then road 30 miles on the road bike; Home to Starlight, BRP to Mountainview road in Vinton, through downtown and back on Grandin. Moderate intensity.
3/13/11 - 30 mile road bike ride; Home to Greenhill park, Harborwood, Wildwood, and back. High intensity.
This was my lowest running week of the year.
12.7 miles running, 6.4 on the mtb, and 80 miles on the road bike.