Monday, December 22, 2014

Training Week 12/15/14

12/16/14 - Ran the 6 mile loop and 1.5 mile cool down.  HR was pretty high this morning.
12/17/14 - Ran 4.6 during our annual cookie run.
12/19/14 - Ran 11.4 around Raleigh Court and the Greenway.
12/20/14 - Ran 14.4 in Richmond.  We ran the Urban Assault mtn bike course. 
12/21/14 - Ran 8.7 around the hood and Winding Way.
Total for the week 49.9 miles running.  Congestion and cough are 80%.  A couple more days and I should be clear again. 

Training Week 12/8/14

12/9/14 - Ran the 6 mile loop and 1.5 cool down.
     Went to the gym and did the step mill for 3.5 miles.
12/10/14 - Ran 8.22 up Hi Dee Ho and then down buck.
12/12/14 - Ran 18 on the road.  Did the Lewis Gale loop and then greenway.  HR did even out until the 12 mile mark.
12/13/14 - Ran 6.3 around Beverly and Fishburn.
12/14/14 - Random run with cool down for 10 miles.
Total for the week; 53.58 miles

Ankle is doing a bit better but I've also been congested with a deep cough since our trip to Illinois for Thankgiving.  HR numbers have been a bit off and I assume its because of the breathing issues. 

Training Week 12/1/14

12/2/14 - Decided to not run in the a.m giving my ankle a break.  Did the stepmill at night 3.5 miles.
12/3/14 - Ran 5.5 in the hood and greenway.
12/5/14 - Did a longer version of the 6 mile loop adding mileage on Winding Way for 8.4 miles and then later did the step mill for another 3.5 miles.
12/6/14 - Ran 9.5 on Peakwood, CRL and then back on Rosalind.  This was my first time on Peakwood.  Not a bad run. 
12/7/14 - Ran 9.95 and then rode my bike downtown to scout out the JBR 5k course.
Total for the week; 40.35 miles running and 11 cycling

Ankle is starting to feel better but isn't right.

Training Week 11/24/14

11/25/14 - Ran 7.9 miles in Tinley Park
11/26/14 - Ran 7 miles in Arcola
11/27/14 - Ran 9 windy cold miles in Ashmore
11/28/14 - Ran another 10 windy cold miles in Ashmore
Total for the week; 33.9 miles running

As this week ended I started to have some right ankle trouble.  I'm not sure if it was from a week of running roads or the off camber surface of the country roads but it is in rough shape.

Training Week 11/17/14

11/18/14 - Ran the 6 mile loop and did a 1.5 mile cool down.
11/19/14 - Ran around the hood and Winding Way for 7.5 miles
11/21/14 - Ran 28.75 miles from route 220 to Black Horse Gap on the AT
11/23/14 - Ran 4 miles in Tinley Park
Total for the week; 47.75 miles running