Sunday, November 16, 2014

Training Week 11/10/14

The goal for this week is to get close to 70 miles.
11/11/14 - Ran the 6 mile loop at HR and 1.5 mile cool down.  Ran loop in 45:23.
     Later that evening I did a 4 mile loop in Five Fingers.
11/12/14 - Ran 8 miles around the hood and greenway.
11/14/14 - Ran 6.2 miles around Fishburn and Grandin Court
11/15/14 - Did a 38 mile section of the AT.  We started off of Pocahontas Road near route 460 in Pearisburg and headed north on the AT to route 42.  This section is really remote except for travelling through the Mountain lake Wilderness around miles 22-28.  The day had 3 big climbs and descents for a total of around 8250 of climbing.  Much of the trail was rocky and difficult to stay in a running grove. 
Started with 100oz of water and one 20 handheld with Heed.  Ended up getting water after the War Spur Shelter from a creek the AT goes over.  We use the sawyer mini filter and it works great and has a low, $19 price tag. 
This was a challenging section of AT.
11/16/14 - James and I ran 6 around the hook, VWCC, and Fishburn Park, and then I did a .85 mile cool down.
Total for the week; 70.5 miles of running

Training Week 11/3/14

11/4/14 - Ran the 6 mile loop and did a 1.5 mile cool down.
     Later in the day we went to the gym and did the step mill.  I've been congested and feeling off so I did 30 minutes at level 12.
11/5/14 - Did 11.4 miles at the Cove.  Forgot my HR monitor so went off of feel.  Lakeside, Hemlock, Trough and then a cool down.  Felt pretty good.  Hit the down hill pretty hard on Trough.
11/7/14 - Did a MAF test.  It was really windy so it wasn't the best day to be running on the PH track.  Did 4 miles of 7:03, 7:06, 7:10, 7:09. 
Later in the day at 6pm Joe Dudak and I did a night run of 311 - 220.  Joe had mention a few weeks ago about doing a night run for his preparation for Hellgate.  So what better night than the one after a full moon.  We started out around 6:30 for the 20.25 mile section of AT.  We took the fire road from 311 and as soon as we started out we saw the moon rise from behind McAfee's Knob.  It was a perfect beginning to the run.  Soon after we both stopped to listen to a couple packs of coyotes howling at each other. 
We picked up the AT where it crosses the fire road and took it the rest of the way to 220.  We took a couple breaks along the way to take in the views at Tinker and a few of the overlooks along the way.  Overall is was pretty smooth sailing.  Joe had done 20 miles the day before and I wanted to run at a 142 HR.  The HR spiked a few times on our way up McAfee's and Tinker but was under control the rest of the run. 
We finished the run with 4:18 of running time and 3858 of elevation gain. 
11/9/14 - ran 12.15 on the greenway, Raleigh, and Grandin Court.
Total for the week; 63.2

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Training Week 10/27/14

10/28/14 - Ran the 6 mile loop and did a 1.5 mile cool down.
     Did 4 miles in Five Fingers later in the day.
10/29/14 - Ran 9.9 at the cove; Songbird, Tuck a Way, and 4 Gorge out and then a .75 mile cool down.
10/31/14 - Ran 9.5 miles at Pandapas Pond. 
11/1/14 - Ran 10.25 around VA Western, Winding Way, Persinger, Avenel and Laburnum.
11/2/14 - Ran 12.55 at Rock Castle Gorge with the Adcocks.  Did the loop and then a 1.9 mile cool down.
Total for the Week;  53.69 miles running. 
I've been a little run down here at the end of the week but otherwise feeling pretty good.  My right ankle has been a little off but running in the Five Fingers and stretching my soleus has been helping that. 

Training Week 10/20/14

This will be a tough week with us having the Into the Darkness race on Saturday and what is usually a hectic and stressful race week schedule. 
10/21/14 - Ran the 6 mile loop at HR and then did a 1.5 mile cool down.
10/21/14 - Went to the gym to do the stepmill for 30 minutes.
10/22/14 - Did 9.2 at the cove.  Ran Comet, Jacob's Drop, down the BMF and then 4 gorge back.  Felt pretty good and kept my HR down on the climbs. 
10/24/14 - Didn't do anything except for mark and blow leaves off the ITD course.
10/25/14 - Ran 10.5 around VA Western, Winding Way, Persinger and Grandin Court.
10/26/14 - Ran 7.9 around the hood.
Total for the Week; 38.6 miles running

Training Week 10/13/14

This will be an easier week with little focus on miles.  Following Iron Mtn 30m I had 2 recovery weeks and then did 3 weeks in a row of 50+ and then last week at 65.
10/14/14 - Ran 7.5 miles at 142.  Sloooow today.  HR was pretty high
Later in the day we went to the gym where we did the Stepmill for 30 minutes and then cooled down on the treadmill.  2794 steps.
10/15/14 - 7.5 miles running the Gauntlet/Trough loop.
10/17/14 - Ran 9.8 on in the hood and on the greenway.  Ave pace was 7:40 at 142 or less HR
10/18/14 - Ran 7.5 miles on Read Mtn.  HR was great today.
10/19/14 - Ran 7.35 around the hood.
Total for the Week;  46.65 for the week.