Sunday, April 20, 2014

Training Week 4/14/14

Well it is taper time for the Promise Land 50k on 4/26/14.  We'll see if this training slower to run faster process has worked.  I feel pretty good but normally would be putting in a few test or time trial efforts to see where I am.  So it will be race day before I get to see exactly where I am. 
4/15/14 - Took it pretty easy on the 6 mile loop and then did a 1.5 mile cool down.
Went to the gym and did the stepmill at around 120 HR.
4/16/14 - Ran 6.2 at the cove.  Comet, tuck, 4 gorge.
4/18/14 - Ran 6 miles around Grandin and the greenway with a .85 mile cool down.
4/19/14 - Ran 10 miles around Grandin and the greenway.
4/20/14 - Rode 23 miles on the road bike.  To Green Hill Park, Wildwood and back.  That headwind on the way back was tough.
Total for the week;   34.05 miles running and 23 mile cycling.

Training Week 4/7/14

4/8/14 - 6 mile loop and 1.5 mile cool down.  Ran under 142 HR.  Legs felt better than I thought they would following the race.
Went to the gym and did the stepmill at 142.  Hit level 16 for 3 minutes (new high) and did 2840 steps in 30 min.  Did a .5 mile cooldown on the treadmill.
4/9/14 - Ran 6.2 at the cove.  4 gorge, tuck, comet and road out.
4/11/14 - Pre rode, marked and then ran the MMM 10k course.  Ran the course in 48:24 conservatively up and hard on the downs.
4/12/14 - Ran the MMM 10k course with Gina
4/13/14 - Ran 19.25 on the Hollins greenway to the Cove/AT loop.  Felt good and took it pretty easy.  Legs were a little rough from the two MM days.
Total for the week; 50.25 miles running and 7 miles on the mtn bike.

Race Week - 3/31/14

Gina and I will be mtn bike racing at the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek on 4/5/14.  This is our 5th or 6th time here and a year in which we have done very very little riding due to the nasty winter weather.  Should be interesting.

My back is still jacked up so I'm going to keep it simple this week and just ride easy until race day.
4/1/14 - Rode part way to Green Hill Park and back for 12.2 miles
4/2/14 - Rode to GHP and back for 19 miles.
4/4/14 - Did a 8 mile pre ride at the race course
4/5/14 - 6 Hours of Warrior Creek.
           - 43.3 miles of riding in 3 laps - 1.20ish, 1.12ish, and a final lap of 1.16ish.
           - First lap I felt good, hit the trail in good position and hung on for the entire 16.5 mile loop.
           - 2nd lap I was starting to feel my power diminishing and needed every gear towards the end
              of the loop.  I kind of dreaded a 3rd lap just knowing I would have to face the cramp
           - 3rd lap really went better than I thought.  I rode within my means and just tried to stay even
              throughout and avoid getting cramps on the sections that required me to use a lot of force. 
           - We ended up 5th in co-ed duo.
4/6/14 - Did the Henry Lanum loop in the Mt Pleasant area east of Beuna Vista.  This loop is part of the Mountain Masochist 50 miler.  It is a great loop with a fantastic overlook at the east Mt. Pleasant overlook.  You get to 4050ft of elevation and the loop as around 1250ft of climbing in 5.6 miles. 
Total for the Week;  5.6 miles running, 51.3 miles mtn biking and 31.2 mile road biking.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Training Week 3-24-14

3/25/14 - Ran the 6 mile loop at HR 142 and then did a 1.5 mile cool down.
             - Went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the Stepmill at HR 142.  Was able to do some at
                level 16 today.  2750 steps.  Cool down on the treadmill.
3/26/14 - Run at the cove - Hi Dee Ho, Gauntlet, Trough, Buck and road back.  Lots of climbing today. 
3/27/14 - Tweaked by back at the gym last night. 
3/28/14 - Warmup 3 miles to the track and then ran 5 miles at HR 142.  7:25, 7:29, 7:31, 7:25, 7:13.  Didn't go as well as I had expected.  My back is sore and it was windy.
3/30/14 - Did 16.6 miles at the 3 Ridges.  This was a blizzard hike/run in 20-30mph winds and 2-6 inches of snow.  Crazy day in the mtns. 
              - Ran 5 miles later in the day.

I had hoped to run 20-25 on Friday and then do the 3 Ridges and The Priest on Sunday for a big 65 mile week.  My back and the weather intervened so that I only got in 54.6 miles running.

Training Week 3-17-14

3/18/14 - Ran the 6 mile loop at HR 142 with a 1.5 mile cool down.
3/19/14 - Ran 6 miles at the cove.  Did the Hi Dee Ho / Buck Loop.  Ran up Hi Dee Ho in under 20 minutes.
3/21/14 - Random Raleigh Court Running under HR 142 - 6.85 miles
             - Also rode 7 mile marking the Montvale Trail Race courses.
3/22/14 - Rode 7.5 miles at Montvale doing the Friday Night Lights Course.
3/23/14 - 21.81 miles running from Day Creek up Black Horse Gap, the AT north to Spec Mines, down to the gravel road, west to the Hammond Hollow Trail, up to the AT, north to Bobblett's Gap, south on BG dirt road to the Glenwood Horse Trail and back to Day Creek.  Felt pretty good and really enjoyed this loop. 
Total for the week:  42.2 miles running and 14.5 mtn biking