Sunday, May 8, 2011

Training Week of 5/2/11

5/3/11 - 6 mile loop at and then did a cool down of 1.4 miles.
5/4/11 - 7.75 mile run at the Cove. Took the road in, did songbird, ran the fire road back to 4 Gorge and back to the parking lot. Felt good.
5/6/11 - 9 mile mtn bike at Falling Creek Park marking the course.
5/7/11 - 7.5 mile run at FCP. Post race clean up.
5/8/11 - 31 mile road bike to Green Hill Park, Harborwood, Wildwood, and back. Legs felt strong for 20 miles and then the power started to diminish. Climbed well and pulled well on the flats.
22.65 miles of running, 9 miles of Mtb, and 31 cycling.

Training Week of 4/25/11

I would like to be able to get in at least to days of cycling and 40 mile running weeks. That's the goal.
4/26/11 - 7.5 mile run. Took it a bit easier on this run. I'm hoping to do a time trail at McAfee's tomorrow. 7:27 pace.
4/27/11 - Started to feel a little run down today so the McAfee's run was run at about 85%. Took the fireroad to the trail and then up. Hit the top in 37:20. There is a lot of room to take that time down. We proceeded to go down the backside to where the AT meets up with the fire road and then took the fire road back to 311.
4/29/11 - 8 mile run that felt great. Felt like I could run all day. Ran half on road and half on trail.
4/30/11 - Ran 6 easy miles at Bull Run State Park. This was a very flat trail run.
5/1/11 - 8.4 mile run on the road. Ran at a good pace but not too hard, say 85%. 7:11 pace.
39.9 Miles of running this week.

Training Week of 4/18/11

4/19/11 - 6.7 mile run for 43 minutes. Left piriformis and hip tightness.
4/20/11 - 7.75 mile run at the Cove. Up Hi-Dee-Ho (17:10), up to the top of 1000ft climb, down, and back via 4 Gorge.
4/22/11 - 7.5 run through Fishburn. 1 mile trail interval at 7:00m pace.
4/23/11 - 4 mile easy run to Garst Mill Park. Legs were very heavy.
4/24/11 - 10 mile mtb ride at Falling Creek Park to assess trails for the Trail Nut 10k and Half Marathon.
26 miles of running and 10 miles of mtn biking.
My training is nothing spectacular. It about time I sign up for a race so that I have something to train for. Race directing has started to effect my training.