Monday, August 19, 2013

Training Week 8/12/13

Legs started off a little tired from last week and the big ride on Sunday.
8/13/13 - Ran the 6 mile loop in 41:28 and then did a 1.5 mile cool down.
8/14/13 - Ran 8.15 at the cove.  Road in, songbird, Tuck a way, and 4 gorge.  We hit it hard and did an average of 8:10/mile.
8/16/13 - marked and ran the Fab 5k course.  5 miles of jogging and walking, 8 miles or bike riding, and 3.1 of racing with a 19:05.
8/18/13 - Ran 15.3 at the cove.  Road to Buck, fire road to the Drop, Comet, Enchanted forest, Little Bell, Arrowhead, Songbird and out on the road.
Total for the week; 38.95 running and 8 on the bike

I'm feeling pretty tired.  Race week is always hard on me.  Not only does my training suffer but the stress level is higher than normal which effects both my sleep and recovery.

I did tally up my training log and noticed that at the end of July I had 1203 miles which comes out to a 40 mile per week average and the most I've had at this time of year.  I'm on the verge of getting on a training plan which will include some speed work but I have to get through and recover from the 8/31/13 Iron Mtn 30 miler. 

Training Week 8/5/13

8/6/13 - Ran the 6 mile loop in 42:16 and then did a 1.5 mile cool down in Five Fingers.
8/7/13 - Ran 7.75 at the cove.  Ran up Hi Dee Ho, down to 4 Gorge on Brushy mtn fire road and then 4 gorge back.
8/9/13 - Biked 8 miles with Chainsaw to do some cleanup at Explore Park.
8/10/13 - Ran 21 at the Cove - Green Ridge Loop, Lake shore trail and then bushwhacked to Hemlock Tunnel, Ariminta, Kerncliff, and then 4 gorge back to the parking lot. 
8/11/13 - Road biked 24 tough steep miles.  Home to Roselawn, south Roselawn, Poage Valley Ext, Slings Gap, got on the BRP and headed back home.  Poage Valley is the steepest road I've climbed on a bike. 
Total for the week; 36.25 miles running, 8 mtn biking and 24 on the road bike.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Training Week of 7/29/13

In the initial aftermath of the Catoctin 50k I'm feeling pretty good.  My traps are sore from carrying 2 bottles and my right hip flexor and piriformis need some time to recover.  This will be an easy week of training due to weekend travel to Cleveland OH. 
7/30/13 - Went for an easy 16 mile road bike ride
7/31/13 - Ran 6.65 at the Cove - up the trough, down the Gauntlet  and back on horse pen.  Took it pretty easy but did run all of Trough. 
8/2/13 - Ran in the Grandin/Raleigh Court area and on the greenway for 8 miles at 7:40 pace.
8/3/13 - Did a 2 mile hike and then a 6 mile run on the Cleveland Metroparks bridle paths.
8/4/13 - Ran 4.2 miles around Patrick Henry and Fishburn park in Five Fingers.
Total for the week 26.85 miles running and 16 mile road biking.