Thursday, June 26, 2014

Training Week 6/2/14

Well minutes after the Conquer the Cove races ended I started to loose my voice and get some deep chest congestion.  So it looks like the stress of the RNUTS took a toll and now it's time to pay up.  Two weeks to the Highland Sky 40.
6/3/14 - Did the 6 mile loop with a .5 mile cooldown.
6/4/14 - Ran at the cove doing the Hi Dee Ho - Buck loop for 6 miles.
6/6/14 - Ran 9 miles on the greenway and around Grandin Court.
6/7/14 - Ran at Greenfield park in Daleville on the grassy paths, following the Bear Bait 5k.
6/8/14 - Ran 12.8 at Black Horse Gap.  This was probably a bit more than I needed a week out from the big race but I was feeling like I needed a challenging run and wanted to work in some new shoes and needed another opportunity to get rid of some leftover chest congestion.  We ran a lollipop loop of the AT to Spec. Mines, down to the gravel road, a right to Hammond Hollow, and then a right on the AT back to Black Horse Gap.  I love running in this area.  It was a tough humid sweaty loop but a good time.
Now to rest up before the HS40
Total for the week;  Ran 41.05 miles

Training Week 5/26/14

I always have trouble training the week of a Mountain Junkies race so I don't expect much.  This would be the week of a long run in preparation for the Highland Sky 40 miler but since we have the Cove marathon on Sunday I don't expect a whole lot of training.
5/27/14 - Ran the 6 mile loop and 1.5 mile cool down at HR 142.
5/28/14 - Ran 6.4 at the cove.  HR did better.
5/30/14 - Starting to feel signs of being run down.  Biked the CtC course to clean it up and mark it. 
Training for the week; 13.9 miles running and 26.45 mile mtn biking.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Traininf Week 5/19/14

Recovery is the name of the game this week.
5/20/14 - 10.5 miles of random cycling around Roanoke
5/21/14 - 19.5 miles cycling to Green Hill Park and back.
5/23/14 - Ran 9 at the cove, trough, buck, Hi Dee Ho, Gauntlet.  Felt OK.  HR staying a bit high.
5/24/14 - 6.9 Fishburn and Raleigh Court run
5/25/14 - 8 mile Greenway run
Total for the Week;  23.9 miles running and 30 mile cycling
Legs are feeling OK after the SMT 2.0.  There is a lack of power on hills and my heart rate is a bit erratic.