Sunday, December 22, 2013

Training Week of 12/16/13

This will be the last training week before the 1/11/14 Willis River 35/50k.  After this week I will be tapering with little focus on miles, wearing my HR more while trying to keep my HR at 142 and no more than 150.
12/17/13 - 7.5 miles running the 6 mile loop and 1.5 cool down.
12/18/13 - Annual running group cookie run around Raleigh and Grandin Court.
12/20/13 - Ran 24.25 miles from Route 11 to Black Horse Gap on the AT and back.  5500ft of climbing.  Long slow run.
12/21/13 - 8.25 miles running in Fishburn Park, VA Western, and the 6 mile loop - Kept HR below 142
12/22/13 - 9.3 miles running around Raleigh Court, Greenway and graveyard loop - Kept HR below 142
Total for the week;
54.3 miles running

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Training Weeks from 11/11/13 to 12/15/13

Found out I didn't get into Uwharrie 40m, so we need to come up with another plan.
11/12/13 - 7.75 miles.  Ran the 6 mile loop in 41:11 and then did a 1.75 mile cool down with 12 sets of stair climbs at Patrick Henry
11/13/13 - Ran 9.7 at the cove.  4 gorge, tuck-a-way, songbird with a few out and backs.
11/15/13 - Rode 14.6 miles at Liberty Mountain.  Having not ridden for awhile, that was tough.
11/16/13 - 13.75 miles running the Garst Mill/Lewis Gale loop with 12 stair climbs at PH in my cooldown.
11/17/13 - 13 miles running the CtC 25k course.
Total for the week;
44.2 miles running
14.6 mile mtn biking

Training Week 11/18/13
11/19/13 - 7.8 miles running the 6 mile loop, 1.8 mile cool down with 15 stair climbs.
11/20/13 - Ran 8.75 miles Grandin, Norwich Park, Greenway, Jesus Saves church, and back.
11/22/13 - This was a long run before we travel back to Illinios for Thanksgiving.  20.75 miles running Greenway to Mill Mountain, did the MMM 10k course, Woodthrush, Fern Park and back on the greenway. 
11/24/13 - Ran 5 miles in the Forest Preserves in Tinley Park.
Total for the week;
42.3 miles running

Training Week 11/25/13 in Illinois
11/25/13 - 10.5 running at Swallow Cliff Woods with 7 125 step stair climbs at the toboggan run. 
11/26/13 - 6 miles running in the Forest Preserves.
11/27/13 - Ran 4 miles in Arcola in the cold and biting wind.
11/28/13 - Ran 9 miles around Ashmore.
11/29/13 - 13.5 miles running around Ashmore
12/1/13 - Ran the 14.5 mile Hollins Loop with James.
Total for the week;
57.5 miles running

I tallied up my mileage for the month of November and noticed that I should be able to hit 2000 miles of running for the year, for the first time ever.  Last year was my previous high of 1762. 

Training Week of 12/2/13
Gina and I put our names in for the Tahoe Rim Trails 50 miler at the end of January.  We will know on 1/1/14 if we got in.  Our backup plan will be to sign up for the San Juan Solstice 50 miler again in Lake City CO.  Gina wants to finish a 50 miler and would really like to finish the SJS 50 after last year's issues that caused her to be pulled at mile 31. 
12/3/13 - 7.75 miles running the 6 mile loop and cool down with 10 stair climbs.
12/4/13 - 9.75 miles running at the cove.  4 Gorge, 1000ft climb and down Hi dee ho with a few out and backs.
12/6/13 - 9.75 miles running the grave yard loop to the greenway to Bridge Street and then the rest of the 4 mile loop.  I did 2 .75 mile and 1 .5 mile interval on the greenway.
12/7/13 - Ran 20.5 miles of tough mtn running.  I ran Poage Valley Extension to the top of Poor Mtn and back.  I tried to keep my HR below 155 except for the last steep .7 mile climb up Poor Mtn.  Great run.  This run was punishment for me no wanting to run and the impending bad weather that was coming on Sunday.
12/8/13 - James and I ran 5 around the hood.
Total for the week;
52.75 miles of running

Training Week of 12/9/13
This is a recovery week since I've hit 2 50+ mile weeks back to back.  Not really focused on miles or speed for the week.  Just want to stay at 40+.
12/10/13 - Ran 6 in the cold rain.
12/11/13 - 7.25 miles at the cove running up Hi Dee Ho and down buck to the road with a few out and backs.
12/13/13 - 10.3 miles running around fishburn and doing stairs at VA western Comm College.
12/14/13 - 10.15 miles running the 4 mile loop, greenway to Jesus Saves Church, and back.
12/15/13 - 7.1 miles running random Grandin Court and Fishburn miles.
Total for the week;
40.85 miles running