Sunday, January 19, 2014

Training Week of 1/13/14

1/14/14 - Ran 8.35 miles.  Warm-up, 6 mile loop and cool down.  Ran keeping my HR below 142.
1/15/14 - First hard run since my low back injury.  Ran Hi Dee Ho, BMF, and down Buck taking the road back to the parking lot.  Felt good running hard today. 
1/17/14 - Did my first Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) test today.  3 mile warm-up, 5 track miles keeping my HR at as close to 142 as possible, and then a cool down.  The miles ranged from 7:21-7:28.  I was happy with that pace at 142.  It was better than I thought it would be. 
1/18/14 - Ran with Decker and Braby on the AT.  We ran from 311 to McAfees, continuing north on the AT to Tinker and then down Sawmill Branch Trail into the cove, Arrowhead, Songbird, and then out on the road.  This was 17 exactly and we did a .6 mile cool down -
Most of the run on the AT was in the teens, wind chill of 0 or below, which caused our hydration bladder tubes to freeze from the start, and in snow from 2-5 inches deep.  A great day to be on a trail.  We had a good time.  Right foot began to get sore at laces around mile 11. 
1/19/14 - Right foot was still sore today so Gina and I decided to hit the gym.  Did the elliptical for 10 minutes and the stepmill for 30 minutes and 2430 steps.  I'm giving this the equivalent of 4 miles running.
Total for the week - 46.6 miles running.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Training week of 1/6/14

Man is my back still giving me problems.
1/7/14 - Did 3 miles on the elliptical at an easy pace without pain.  Sore afterward.
1/8/14 - Did 3 miles on the elliptical and ran one easy on the treadmill.  Running did not feel good. but I feel better today overall.
1/10/14 - Decided to take a test run today and did 6.95 miles around the neighborhood and greenway.  Felt better today and almost felt normal running.
1/11/14 - This is the Willis River 35/50k day.  My plan was to go and run the as much of the last 10 miles of the 50k course while everyone else was running the race.  This was a cold rainy morning with a forecast of lots of rain and mid 50's. 
- I did run the entire 10 mile section and it was wet and sloppy.  A couple of creek crossings were thigh high and deeper on the return trip.  Footing was OK except for the downhills. 
- After I finished I decided to head out and bring in our friends.  First up was Matt Prescott.  He came in 6thish in the 35k and was motivated to go out for the remaining 10 miles since he would be the first on the 50k section.  Johnny Robinson was 2nd to come in about 2 minutes back.  He headed out for the 50k too. 
- On my second trip out I caught James Decker.  He was another couple of runners back and decided to hang it up after the 35k finish. 
- 3rd time out I met up with Ed McKeown and after a brief time he decided to head out for the 50k.
- 4th time out I met up with Carla Cross and Lorraine Moore.  Both talked about getting swept out and down in the river crossings.  They seemed a little shaken from it and said the water was over their waist in a couple of places. 
- Next up was Gina and David.  They ended up getting off course and doing a few extra miles.  Both wanted to do the 50k but they came in after the time cutoff and weren't allowed to continue. 
These were the wettest muddiest conditions I've ever seen in a race.  On each of my trips out to catch my friends the course got worse.  First it was muddy, next you could see deep footprints, then the footprints were full of water, and lastly the trail became a creek with water flowing down it.  It was a crazy day but it made for quite a few stories and laughs.
- Matt Prescott ended up 1st and Johnny was 2nd in the 50k. 
- I ended up with 19.2 miles for the day, so I was happy.
1/12/14 - Ran 10.2 keeping my HR below 142 and cycled 14.3. 
Total for the Week - 43.35 miles running and 14.3 mile cycling

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First Week of 2014

Well this week didn't go over very well.  I really injured my low back during my fall on Chestnut Ridge.  I tried to do some running this week but the pain and muscle strain got worse with each effort.
12/31/13 - Ran the 4 & 6 mile loops for 8.15 miles total.
1/1/14 - Ran the 6 mile graveyard loop and then went on a 13.25 mile bike ride up Roselawn, Sugarloaf, keagy and back.
1/2/14 - Timed the Resolution Run and opted to not exercise.
1/3/14 - Ran 6.2 miles marking the Chestnut Ridge Loop for the FT
1/4/14 - 5.7 miles running on the trails of Fishburn Park.  After this run my sacrum was on fire and I regretted not taking more time off to let this injury heal.
26.05 miles running and 13.25 cycling

I'm going to take some time off this week to see if I can participate in any of the Willis River 35/50k on 1/11/14.  I've enjoyed this race over the last few years and have done well.  I was hoping to attempt running sub 4:30.  Now I'm not sure I will even race or run it at all.

Week of 12/23/13

12/24/13 - Ran the 6 & 4 mile loops ccw for an 8 mile run.
12/25/13 - Ran and hiked 13.55 miles up to Brushy Mtn in the Smokeys
12/26/13 - Ran and hiked 11.4 miles up the Prong Trail and down the main road from Newfound Gap.
12/28/13 - Cleaned up Chestnut Ridge Loop - Hurt my low back clearing a tree.
Also went out for a short 13.1 mile road bike ride.
12/29/13 - Ran 5.5 mile in Raleigh Court
Total for the week;
44.5 miles running and 13.1 cycling