Monday, February 28, 2011

Training the Week of 2/28/11

Sorry for the delay on this week log!
3/1/11 - Ran 6.5 miles on road in my neighborhood.
3/2/11 - Ran 6.4 at on the Fishburn Park trails
3/4/11 - Mtb the Explore Your Limits 10k course
3/5/11 - Ran the EYL 10k Course for course cleanup
3/6/11 - Ran 13 miles in the heavy rains and deep streams of Carvins Cove. Lots of elevation on this run.
Ran 33.35 and mtb biked 6.2
Race weeks tend to disrupt my training intensity and frequency.

Training the Week of 2/21/11

So this is my second week out from the Holiday Lake 50k on 2/12/11. I'm feeling good and at about 90%. My power still seems a bit low running and biking up hills. But all in all I'm feeling good.
My next race is the 4/1 6 hours of Warrior Creek so the goal at this point is to increase my bike miles while retaining my long run aerobic fitness and working on some speed work and/or interval training.
You'll see in my training log that I try to have at least one of my runs in Five Fingers. I've been wearing these for the last year and have worked on building my foot strength and stability by incorporating them. I think they are a great tool to help build up foot strength and regain a more "natural" running gait.
2/21/11 - Ran 2 miles in Five Fingers on the treadmill.
2/22/11 - Ran 6.5 miles around our neighborhood. 7:45 pace
2/23/11 - Ran 7.65 miles at the cove. 4 Gorge, Comet, Songbird, and out via the road. Legs felt pretty good tonight.
2/24/11 - Ran 2 miles in Five Fingers on the treadmill.
2/25/11 - Ran 7.8 miles off road. Doing some race course recon.
2/26/11 - Road biked 51 miles - Merriman, Wade's Gap, Adney Gap, Calloway Road, County Line Road, Bottom Creek Road, Blue Ridge Parkway back to Merriman.
2/27/11 - 7.4 mile mtn. bike ride at Fishburn Park trails.
25.95 miles running, 7.4 miles mtn. biking, and 51 miles road biking.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Training the Week of 2/14/11

So I'm recovering from the Holiday Lake 50k on 2/12/11. I decided to take Sunday and Monday off. I didn't have any particular aches or complaints I just felt like not running.
2/15/11 - Ran 6 miles on the road at an easy 9:00 minute pace. Right calf was a bit sore.
2/16/11 - Ran 6.2 miles at the Cove - Up hi-dee-ho, across the fireroad, and down buck to the road, and back on the road. Felt good. Hit the hi-dee-ho pretty hard and felt good.
2/18/11 - Mtn biked 8 miles at Fishburn and Patrick Henry.
2/20/11 - Ran 8 miles at Lake Norman, north of Charlotte NC. Nice trails with mild rolling terrain. Felt good. Legs are almost back.
20.2 miles running and 8 miles mtn. biking.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2/12/11 - Holiday Lake 50k++

This was my 6th running of Holiday Lake. Since my first finish there I've wanted to break the 5 hour mark. Holiday Lake is a 50k++ just north of Appomattox Virginia at the Holiday Lake 4H Center. The course is a loop configuration where you run a clockwise loop and then turnaround and repeat the loop in the counterclockwise directions. Since the most recent course change the loop mileage is right around 16.2 miles.
Here is my Holiday Lake 50k History:
  • 2002 was my first year. I started running in August of 2001, ran my first race the Jingle Bell Run 5k in Roanoke, and signed up for my 2nd race; Holiday Lake. The weather and footing for my first race here was perfect and I ran a 5:23.
  • The 2nd year was the year of the mud. There was mud everywhere. On the path out the trail and roads were getting messy and by the time we reached the turnaround the paths were 10-20 feet wide from people trying to get "good" footing. I think I ended with a 5:50 something. I don't think I've ever seen so much mud.
  • The 3rd year I had the dreaded bowel issues. I think I ran into the woods 4 times to take care of business. Horton gives a best blood award and I thought I was a shoe in. A couple of times I had to dart into the woods I ended up getting cut from briers and locust trees. My blood was overshadowed by a guy that ran the race commando which caused him to rub the end of his junk off. I didn't look but the damage left a visible mark.
  • Year 4 I ran an almost perfect race to beat the 5 hour mark but had one wooded pit stop that pushed me over the 5 hour edge. I ended up at 5:04:04.
  • Year 5, last year, was the year of the snow. I was in my best running shape to date and should have been able to easily beat 5 hours. I had done a training race of 25k on 1/2 and a 50k on 1/16 which had me ready. When we showed up to Holiday Lake there was 4-8 inches of snow covering the entire course. Footing was poor through the entire course and that made the effort seem 100% harder. Finished in 5:37
  • Year 6, I've spent much of the winter trying to run an average of 40 mile weeks and was feeling pretty good. I ran the 1/16/11 Swinging Bridge 35k as preparation and to get in some tough trail miles. I figures I had a best case scenario of 4:30 and worst case of 4:59:59. I was hoping to run the first half of the race at a 7:45-8:00 min/mile pace and then begin to slow on the 2nd half of the course. Everything went according to plan. The return loop to the finish had a couple of spots that seemed to go on forever but I was able to stick with the pace and stay cramp free. I finished in 4:33:16 for 16th place.
I hope to add my training schedule as a weekly post to the blog. I've neglected this format as a way to share how my training is set up. I feel like I've been successful in my training and racing on what I feel is low mileage and have been able to stay injury free. I started as a non runner looking to finish the races I entered, then moved on to wanting to do better than my previous race, and now my focus is on fine tuning my efforts so that I can work on being a top 10 contender.

My next scheduled race will be the 6hrs of Warrior Creek mountain bike race on 4/2/11. This will be my 3rd year racing on a duo team. I've got to get my biking legs under me in the next 6 weeks.