Friday, September 30, 2011

Training the Week of 8/15/11

8/16/11 - 6.2 miles of random Grandin Court running.
8/17/11 - 7.75 miles at the Cove - 4 Gorge, Comet, Songbird and back via the road.
8/19/11 - Ran the Fab 5k Course in 19:46.
8/20/11 - Ran the Garst Mill Loop - 4 miles
8/21/11 - Grandin Village and Greenway run - 11 miles
33 miles running and 4 miles biking.
Race weeks are hard for me to get in my normal training but it ended up being a good week of running.

Training the Week of 8/8/11

8/9/11 - Did my usual 6 mile loop and 1.5 mile cooldown.  Moderate pace of 7:08/mile.  Legs are getting back from the 50k and I'm not pushing it.
8/10/11 - Ran at the Cove - up Buck, fireroad and down Hi Dee Ho for 6.2 miles
8/12/11 - Mtn biked the Conquer the Cove Course.
8/13/11 - 21.5 miles of back country mtn. biking in Arcadia.
8/14/11 - 5.7 mile around Grandin Court and Fishburn Park trails then went for a 2.6 mile run in my Five Fingers.
22 mile running and 47.5 miles of mtn biking.
I'd say I feel like I'm recovered from the 50k

Training the Week of 8/1/11

Alright, two months have passed and I can now revisit my training following the Catoctin 50k.  The pain of that race quickly subsided and I began training for the 11/12/11 Richmond Marathon.
8/2/11 - Rode my bike to Green Hill Park and Back - 20 miles
8/3/11 - Did 3.75 miles of trails.  Easy run.
8/5/11 - 8 mile road loop around Raleigh Court and Greenway.
8/6/11 - 7.88 miles or road running.
8/7/11 - Rode my bike up the old road of Mill Mountain, to the parkway, south to Starlight, up Roselawn, down Sugarloaf, and back on Grandin ext. and Grandin.
This was a pretty good recovery week.  Got in almost 20 miles of running and did a few bike rides with Sunday's ride consisting of some good climbs.
19.63 miles running and 44 miles road biking.