Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Training Week 12/11/11

12/12/11 - Ran 2 miles in Five Fingers.
12/13/11 - 8.1 miles - Ran my usual 6 mile loop.  I was planning to hit this hard for a new PR so I warmed up with .6 mile out and back the hit the loop.  I ran it in 39:56 and then did a 1.5 mile cool down.
12/14/11 - 8.3 miles - Ran at the cove.  Ran up Hi Dee Ho in 18:34, then down 1000ft climb and ended on 4 gorge.  Did a  couple out and backs in there.
12/16/11 - Rode 24.2 miles in the Day Creek area.  Lots of climbing again, around 4100ft.  Rode in sleet and rain much of the ride.
12/17/11 - Ran a 10 mile road loop at a 7:30 pace and then changed shoes and did a 7 mile trail loop in Fishburn park ending with 400 steps at Patrick Henry HS.
12/18/11 - Road biked 26 miles.  Home to Starlight, BRP to Vinton, and back.  Hit is pretty hard.
35.4 miles of running, 24.2 miles of mtn biking, and 26 cycling.
Great week of training.  I love getting in all three types of workouts in a weekend.

2012 Winter/Spring Race Plan

October 31st marked the first time I have ever set my alarm so that I could enter a race.  The 6 Hours of Warrior Creek mtb race is held the first Saturday in April.  I have entered this race 3 years in a row as a duo team.  The last two with Kenny Palmer.  It is a great early season race, on a great course, that helps motivate me to get on the bike during the cold winter months.  The race filled up in 48 hours in 2011.  Team Mountain Junkies; year two I was in better shape than Kenny, year three Kenny was in better shape than me, this year we have both committed to coming in on form (Kenny is in better shape than me at the moment).

November 1st was another day for me to "beat the clock."  At 8:00am the registration for the 2/4/12 Uwharrie Mountain Run opens up.  This race notoriously fills up in minutes.  Last year I forgot about it and found it filled up by 10am.  This event has 3 distances 8-20-40 miles.  It works out well for Gina and I because she wants to do the 20 and I want to do the 40.  This event is the week before the Holiday Lake 50k and I've made it my "out" for Holiday Lake.  I've done the HL 50k 6 times.  It was my first 50k back in 2002.  I was in a constant quest to run it in under 5 hours.  This year, my fitness and the weather came together for me to run a 4:33:12.  It is a great race and a perfect motivator to run long over the winter months but I want to move on to some races that I've never done.  This will be my first race longer than a 50k since the Inaugural Hellgate 100k in 2003.

I'm looking forward to it.  So far the training is going well.  My ideal week is one in which I get in around 40 miles running, a long mtn bike ride, and a 25-35 mile road bike ride.

After April 7th I don't have any set plans.  I have some "maybes" but nothing I'm committing to.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Training the Week of 12/5/11

12/5/11 - Ran 2 miles in Five Fingers
12/6/11 - 6 miles - Ran my usual 6 mile loop.  Easy run today.
12/6/11 - 4.75 - Ran a neighborhood 4 mile loop with cool down.  Hit the loop in 27:30.
12/7/11 - 8.4 miles - Ran at the cove.  4 Gorge, road to Songbird and out on road.
12/9/11 - 28 miles of mtn biking on some of the Hellgate 100k course.  Tough day of climbing.  Did a total  of 5200ft of climbing with a 7.5 mile climb to end the day.
12/10/11 - 15.5 mile run at the cove.  Did 4 gorge, lower loop CW and then 4 gorge back.  Hit it pretty hard today.  8:30 average.
12/11/11 - 4 mile easy run.
40.65 miles running and 28 miles mtn biking.

Training the Week of 11/28/11

11/28/11 - Ran 2 miles on the treadmill in Five Fingers.
11/29/11 - 8 miles at 7:32 ave.
11/30/11 - 7.6 miles running at the Cove.  Hi Dee Ho and Buck loop.
12/2/11 - 25 miles mtn biking at the Cove.  Lots of climbing.
12/3/11 - 10.7 miles running.  Star Trail Trailhead, Woodthrush, Chestnut Ridge CCW, Woodthrush.  8:32ave.
12/4/11 - 30 mile cycling.  Home to Green Hill Park, Harborwood, Wildwood, and back.
This is what I can a perfect training week.  Good running with at least on big mtn bike and road ride.  I prefer to get in all three activities in a week.  One: I like it.  Two: it give me a chance to train more without killing my legs with only the pounding of running.  And three: it make me want to do the activity I'm not currently doing, keeping me from getting bored.
28.3 miles running, 25 mtn biking, and 30 cycling.

Training the Week of 11/21/11

Running while home to Illinois for Thanksgiving.
11/21/11 - Ran 7.25 on the road.
11/22/11 - Ran 7.2 miles.  Ran one 5k tempo in there at 6:35 pace.
11/24/11 - Ran 10 miles on T-day morning.  Very windy.
11/25/11 - Ran 9.4 miles on the road at 7:07 pace.  It was super windy.
11/27/11 - 18 mile road bike ride.
11/27/11 - Ran 3.6 miles in Fishburn Park.
37.45 miles running and 18 mile of cycling

Training the Week of 11/14/11

11/15/11 - Ran 6 miles on the road.
11/16/11 - Ran 8 miles on the road.
11/18/11 - Ran 3 miles to warm up and then did 2 miles on the track with a 1 minute Rest Interval (RI).  Miles were run in 6:01 and 5:57.
Took off for Illinois for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
11/20/11 - Ran 7 miles on the road.
27 miles of running

Training the Week of 11/7/11

This is the week of the Richmond Half Marathon.
11/8/11 - Ran 6 miles on the road.
11/9/11 - 8 mile of road running.
11/12/11 - Richmond Half Marathon.
I had originally signed up for the full but since my leg injury and the 3 weeks off from running I decided that it was in my best interest to not push it and down grade to t he half.  Unexpectedly I had some trepidation as I stood in line to switch from the marathon to the half.  I didn't expect that.  I really didn't want to give up my #324 bib number.  Something about having a lower number bib number for such a large race.
I've only run 4 road races - Jingle Bell Run 5k in 2011, Boulder Boulder 10k in 2005 and 2009, and the Biltmore 15k back in 2002 or so.  My expectation was to run under 1:28.  I ended up with a 1:27:12 and was really happy with it. 
I got in another 7.6 miles running back and forth between miles 24 and 25.5 cheering on a number of fellow Mountain Junkies and friends. 
11/13/11 - mtn biked the Urban Assault race course - 17.25 miles
30.7 miles of running and 17.25 miles mtn biking.

Training the Week of 10/31/11

Due to my leg injury, lack of running and increase in biking, I committed to riding on a 4 person team at the 18 hours of Scouts Honor.  That is coming up on 11/5/11.  I've never participated in a team race like this one.  I've been on a Duo team at a 6 hour race the last 3 years but nothing longer than that.  I'm nervous and excited about it.  The team consists of 3 strong riders and me.  I fear that I may be the anchor that holds everyone down.
11/1/11 - 7.5 miles of running.  Ran the 6 mile loop in 40:04.
11/2/11 - 8.5 miles of mtn biking at the cove to dial in my bike light for the race on Sat. 
10/4/11 - 6 miles mtn biking in Fishburn to dial in the bike and a few part upgrades.
10/5 and 10/6 - 25.5 miles mtn biking at the race. 
     The race had a 4pm start time on Saturday.  This is the weekend of the time change but the race organizers made it clear that, to keep people from being confused, that as far as they were concerned the time change wouldn't  occur until the race was over.
     Our team decided to start off with a 1,2,3,4 rotation.  I didn't feel like I had the legs to put in 2 laps in a row and thought I needed the rest between laps to make the most of my legs.  So we decided to start out this way and re-assess once we got into the race. 
The laps ended up being 8 miles and 45-55 minutes long. 
We were in first from the start and through the first 3 laps.
     I was the 4th person to ride and the first on the team to ride a lap in the dark.  It was hard to get the race jitters out on a first lap in the dark.  I rode sloppy but ended with a decent time. 
     Each lap felt better and better.  I finally got my light dialed on the 3rd lap to where I felt like I could see the best for this twisty and fast course. 
     The 4th lap was a mess.  I started to get tired and began to "see" things.  The harded place to find on the course was the center of the trail.  I was everywhere but where I should have been. 
     At this point we were all doing the race math.  We were in first by almost 2 laps.  The race was to end at 10am.  If you didn't get in by 10am that lap wouldn't count. 
    We all got in 5 laps.  The 5th lap for me was my first in the light of day and it went great.  It is amazing how it feels to finally ride in the daylight after working so hard to see in the dark on the previous 4 laps.  This was one of the best feeling laps I rode all race. 
    Our team decided not to ride a 21st lap.  So we ended up winning by 1 lap and a few hours on our competition.  Our team won first place overall and $50 a piece.  Not a bad time.  We plan to get the team back together for a few "training camps" and races in 2012.
7.5 miles running and 57 miles of mtn biking.

Training the Week of 10/24/11

Well the Into the Darkness race and Rotor Meltdown went off with success.  It made for one busy weekend but I've survived and am ready for a couple months off from race directing so that my mind can rest.
10/24/11 - 6 miles of running at Explore Park to make sure we got everything off the trails from the race.
10/25/11 - 7.5 miles of running.  Ran the 6 mile loop in 40:26.
10/26/11 - Trough, to buck, to Gauntlet, and back.  7.25 miles of running.
10/28/11 - 14 miles of mtn biking at the cove. 
10/29/11 - 7.3 miles running from home to the greenway and back through some Wasena and Raleigh Court neighborhoods.
10/30/11 - 28.5 miles of road biking.  Up Mill Mountain, to the BRP, to vinton and back.  Hit it hard today.
28 miles running, 14 miles Mtn biking and 28.5 miles road biking.

Training the Week of 10/17/11

Alright, I think I'm ready to get back on my feet and run again.  The leg finally has stopped hurting when I stand up and start walking.  This is a good week to start running since it is a race week and a hard week to get in the "normal" training plan running.
10/18/11 - ran my typical 6 mile loop.
10/21/11 - ran 6 miles at 6:45 pace.  Felt great to get back to fast running.  To some degree I realize that the time off my feet was needed.  So as a positive spin on this whole injury my muscles and joints have had a chance to rest. 
10/22/11 - Cleaned up the Into the Darkness course while both running and then biking.
10/23/11 - 2 miles of mtn biking to cut out a tree for the Rotor Meltdown mtb race.
16 mile of running and 6 miles mtn biking.

Training the Week of 10/10/11

Still staying off my feet for awhile.  So I'm biking as much as I can.  Again, to see the photo I posted of my leg injury - http://mountainjunkies.blogspot.com/2011/10/training-week-of-92611.html
10/11/11 - road bike to Green Hill Park and back - 20 miles
10/12/11 - road biked up old road of Mill Mountain and back home - 13 miles
10/14/11 - road biked to Green Hill  Park, Harborwood, West River, Peaceful, to 460, Wildwood, and then back - 37 miles, very strong winds today.
10/15/11 - Mtn biked the lower loop and then spent the afternoon clearing the trails of downed trees. - 26 miles
Considering my leg is still very swollen I was able to get in some good riding. 
Mtn Biked 26 miles and Road Biked 70 miles

Training the Week of 10/3/11

Well, after hurting my leg and then deciding to drop down to the Half Marathon at Richmond I lost my focus on the blog updates.  Well here is two months to get caught back up.  For the pic I posted of my leg see - http://mountainjunkies.blogspot.com/2011/10/training-week-of-92611.html
10/4/11 - As a very poor choice I decided to test my leg with my usual 6 mile loop.  Bad idea.  You have to know when you are injured and it is not wise to run.  My leg was very swollen with a localized hematoma on the outer side of my left leg. 
10/5/11 - Running is out - road biked 20 miles.
10/8/11 - Road biked 25 miles. 
10/9/11 - Road biked 37 miles - Home to parkway, to 460, then back to Mountain View in vinton, and back.
Cycling doesn't really effect my leg as it is non weight bearing and helps move some of the stagnant blood and swelling.  But anything weight bearing is a killer and makes my leg feel like it is going to explode.