Friday, September 11, 2015

It's been awhile, let's catch up III - Road to the San Juan Solstice 50Miler

There are now two months until the San Juan Solstice.  Particular attention needs to be focused on recovering, ramping up mileage and then tapering.

5/1/15 - Marked the Trail Nut Course at Falling Creek Park for 3 miles
5/2/15 - Cleaned up the course for another 3 miles
5/3/15 - Ran Peakwood and Chestnut Ridge Loop for a 10 miler.
Total for the week following Promise Land - 16 miles

5/5/15 - Ran the 6 mile loop and 1.5 mile cool down.
              Ran another 4.4 in five fingers at night.
5/6/15 - Ran 6.25 miles in a downpour in the neighborhood and greenway.
5/8/15 - Ran a warmup and did a MAF test - Running at a 142 HR I ran the following mile splits on the track - 7:19, 7:40, 7:41, 7:49, 7:50.  Not that good.  Times not only were high but got substantially slower.  Normally my pace holds steady for the 5 miles.  Total run was 10 miles.
5/9/15 - Ran 9.5.  Did the 6 mile loop and winding way.
5/10/15 - Ran 13.5 cleaning up many of the trails of the CtC 25k course.
Total for the week;  51.1 miles running

This week I'll be headed out of town for Continuing Education to the Homestead and will have a tough time getting in miles.
5/12/15 - Ran the 6 mile loop and 2 mile cool down
5/13/15 - Ran 10.5 on the Bridge Street Loop
5/15/15 - After work on Thursday I decided to run from 220-311 starting at 7pm.  This was a nice run but got a little fatigued toward the end.  Made for a long day but good training.
5/16/15 - Cycled from the Homestead to Lake Moomaw and back for a 28.5 mile hilly ride.
Total for the week; 38.5 miles running and 28.5 cycling

5/18/15 - I purchased the BSX Insight lactate threshold measuring device and did my first test tonight on the treadmill for 5 miles.
5/19/15 - 8 miles running the 6 mile loop and cooldown.
                Ran another 4.6 miles of the fishburn loop that night.
5/20/15 - Ran 10.75 on the bridge street loop.
5/22/15 - Ran 6 miles on Dragon's Tooth
                Mtn Biked on N. Mtn for 11.25
5/23/15 - Ran the Lewis Gale Loop for 11.25
5/24/15 - James ran with me for a birthday long run of Greenway, Woodthrush, Chestnut Ridge, Fern Park and then Greenway back home.
Total for the week; 66 miles running and 11.25 mtn biking
This was a big week and everything feels good.  

This was going to be a stressful week of setting up for the Conquer the Cove races and timing the Roanoke City Triathlon on Saturday.  Not sure what I was thinking but everything went well.
5/26/15 - Ran the 6 mile loop and 2 mile cool down
                Cycled to Green Hill Park and back for 19 miles
5/27/15 - Bridge Street loop 10 miler
5/29/15 - Conquer the Cove course marking for 27 miles
Total for the week;  18 miles running, 27 mtn biking and 19 cycling

This is the last building week for the SJS50, then I'll go into taper mode for 3 weeks.  I was getting reports about how much snow was on the course and that they may need to do the snow route.  Reports were that they couldn't get to the Continental Divide due to waist deep snow.
6/1/15 - Ran 5 miles on the treadmill doing a lactate threshold test and 1.5 on the stepmill
6/2/15 - ran the 6 mile loop and 2 mile cool down
6/3/15 - Greenway run without Bridge Street for 9.6 miles
6/5/15 - Ran 21.5 up Poage Valley Ext to Poor mtn and back
6/6/15 - Ran 5.85 from home and on the Fishburn loop
6/7/15 - Ran 14.1 from Day Creek, up to the BRP, AT, Spec Mines, and back up and down BHG.
Total for the week; 65.5 miles running

6/9/15 - Ran the 6 mile loop and 2 mile cool down.
              Cycled the Roselawn loop.  Up Roselawn, down cotton hill, Keagy, Apperson and back home.
6/10/15 - Bridge Street 10 miler
6/12/15 - Ran 6.75 in Fishburn Park
6/13/15 - Ran 6.75 on Mill Mountain for our RNUTS social
6/14/15 - Ran the Elevator Shaft loop trying to get in less miles but lots of steep vert - 8 miles.
Total for the week;  39.5 miles running

6/16/15 - 8.15 miles running the 6 mile loop and cool down.
6/17/15 - 9.3 miles on the bridge street loop.
6/20/15 - 9.4 miles of running in the hood and fishburn
6/21/15 - Random hood running for 7.6
Total for the week;  34.45 miles running

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